Commercial Services

As a business owner or facility manager you have enough to worry about without letting the technology of business operations distract you. E Cubed Audio | Video can make your life easier by taking care of your technology needs. We can help design and install conference/presentation rooms, video displays, background music, lighting control, shading, access control and more. If you just need someone to clean up your existing mess and provide ongoing service, we can help with that too. We are a Crestron partner, and are able to install, program, and service their equipment.

Conference & Presentation Rooms

We can outfit your conference room with a high-quality video display, audio system, motorized window coverings, and an easy to use control system so anyone in the office can make a presentation without IT staff assistance. Video conferencing, privacy glass, acoustical treatments, and lighting control can all be easily added as well.

Audio & Video Systems

Combine Background music systems, digital signage, and video displays to promote your message and and create ambiance. Whether your sports bar needs dozens of TV and a rocking audio system, or your clinic needs quiet background noise, we can provide you with a reliable solution that doesn’t require a Ph.D in engineering to operate.

Lighting & Shading Control

Properly managing natural and artificial light is crucial to maintaining an energy efficient space while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. The lighting in your restaurant or lobby can be set up to automatically fade from daytime to night mode over the span of a few minutes, as to be imperceptible to your guests. When low afternoon sun is present, shades automatically lower to reduce the load on your HVAC system and help prevent vision damage. Have lights turn off automatically when employees or guests leave corridors to save energy.

Noise Control & Acoustical treatments

The many hard surfaces in modern office and restaurant spaces end up reflecting lots of sound, and in turn makes for an unproductive or uncomfortable experience. We can perform an acoustical analysis on your space and install attractive treatments to bring harmony to your office and allow your patrons to hear themselves think.

Structured Wiring

Network and other low-voltage wiring provide the backbone for the systems that run your business. We can wire up your new tenant improvement project, or retrofit wiring in an exiting space.


Every business can benefit from the features of an automation system. Lighting and shades activate by schedule or occupancy, music and digital signage activate during operating hours. There are a multitude of possibilities and options. Our solutions can integrate with your existing infrastructure and enable communication between devices from several manufacturers.

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