Residential Services


Lighting & Shading

Tame the sun and simplify control of your artificial lighting by adding motorized shades and centrally controlled lighting. Push the “All Off” button as you leave the house, and all lights, fans, and fountains magically turn off while the shades close. Push the “Evening” button as you return home illuminates your most commonly used areas in the home. Control all of this from simple, wall mounted keypads or an app on your mobile device.

Home Theater & A|V

See and hear the art as it was intended. For those who would like to be immersed in a movie, we can build a dedicated theater room that will rival the local cineplex. In many situations, a dedicated room is not a reality, so the Family Room becomes the “Home Theater” We specialize in making sure that your system will look & sound incredible, while blending in with your space.

Networking & Infrastructure

The internet has brought the world into the palm of your hand and onto your family room wall. Enterprise grade networking solutions are the foundation of every system we install. This ensures that your streaming videos load quickly, you have wi-fi connection everywhere on your property, and you aren’t constantly unplugging your router. Our low-voltage wiring infrastructure services will ensure that your home is wired for reliable operation of electronic devices, and that conduits are in place to help your home adapt to technological changes.

Home Automation & Energy Management

Control all of your home’s systems from your phone or tablet. When leaving for vacation, touch one button on the screen, and your home goes into “Away” Mode. Shades and drapes close, lights/fans/pumps/ and AV Equipment all shut down while the HVAC setpoints adjust to use less energy. While you are away, the lighting system automatically turns on and off various lights during the evening to mimic an occupied home. Thats just one example of how a home automation system can improve your life. We offer the Crestron and Control4 home automation platforms.

Crestron System Remodeling

Don’t fret if your Crestron system needs some updating and needs some bugs worked out. Modernizing and tuning up your existing system is less daunting than you think. Crestron hardware is built to last for decades and they work to keep it backward compatible. This allows us to reuse quite a bit of your existing system while adding more capabilities with some hardware changes. Your system can also be cost effectively re-programmed using newer software tools that allow us to program a system is 40% of the time it did a few years ago, and that can be serviced by any Crestron Service Provider.

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